Principal Investigator

Qiaoqiang Gan

Full Professor

Research Interests: Sustainability, Energy, Nanophotonics, Thermal management, Biosensing

Research Scientist

Murali Gedda

Research Scientist

Research Interests: perovskites, organic semiconductors, light-emitting diodes, photovoltaics, resistive memory devices, photosensors, ultrathin films and transistors

Kaijie Yang

Research Scientist

Research Interests: Solar evaporation, Atmospheric water harvesting, Adsorption

Post-doctoral fellow

Shakeel Ahmad

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Radiative Cooling, Thermal management, Heat transfer, Machine learning, Phase-change

Jingjing Pan

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Aerogel/hydrogel synthesis, Porous materials, Sustainability, Moisture adsorption

Haomin Song

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Nanophotonics, Biosensing

Jianjun Cao

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Surface plasmon resonance, SPR sensors, Femtosecond laser induced periodic surface structures, Laser interference lithography, Four wave mixing, Metalens

Yanpei Tian

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Photonic manipulation, Photothermal conversion, Near-field radiative heat transfer, Solar steam generation

Wenhong Yang

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Measurface, Color display, Sensor, Nanofabrication

Saichao Dang

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Far-field thermal radiation regulation, Radiative Cooling, Sustainability, Photonic device

Hao Jia

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Deep learning, Integrated photonics, Artificial intelligence

Enaganti Prasanth Kumar

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Solar Energy, Underwater Photovoltaic (PV) systems, Solar cells and Supercapacitors


Mingyu Nie

MS/PhD student

Research Interests: thermochromic materials, smart windows, Atmospheric water harvesting

Qizhe Chen

MS/PhD Student

Uma Pratheebha Umaiya Kunjaram

Research Project Assistant

Jake Rada

Ph.D. Student

Research Interests: Structural Color, Radiative Cooling, Thin-film Deposition

Sicheng Zeng

Master Student

Research Interests: Radiative Cooling

Hasan Almahfoudh

Master Student

Research Interests: Radiative Cooling, Photonic structures, Phase-change materials