Yanpei Tian


Post-doctoral fellow


Research Interests

Photonic manipulation: Theoretical and experimental investigations on nanoscale energy transport and advanced optothermal properties of novel nanoscale metamaterials using theoretical calculation, RCWA, and FDTD simulation.

Selected Publications

  • "Surface Photon‐Engineered Infrared‐Black Metametal Enabled Enhancement of Heat Dissipation." Tian, Yanpei, et al. Advanced Functional Materials: 2205016, (2022)
  • "Subambient daytime cooling enabled by hierarchically architected all-inorganic metapaper with enhanced thermal dissipation." Tian, Yanpei, et al. Nano Energy 96: 107085, (2022)
  • "A new strategy towards spectral selectivity: Selective leaching alloy to achieve selective plasmonic solar absorption and infrared suppression." Tian, Yanpei, et al. Nano Energy 92: 106717, (2022)
  • "Recyclable and efficient ocean biomass-derived hydrogel photothermal evaporator for thermally-localized solar desalination." Tian, Yanpei, et al. Desalination 523: 115449, (2022)
  • "Superhydrophobic and recyclable cellulose-fiber-based composites for high-efficiency passive radiative cooling." Tian, Yanpei, et al. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13.19: 22521-22530, (2021)
  • "Farm-waste-derived recyclable photothermal evaporator." Tian, Yanpei, et al. Cell Reports Physical Science 2.9: 100549, (2021)
  • "Scalable-manufactured metal–insulator–metal based selective solar absorbers with excellent high-temperature insensitivity." Tian, Yanpei, et al. Applied Energy 281: 116055, (2021)


  • B.Sc. Harbin Engineering University, Heilongjiang, China, 2015
  • Ph.D. Northeastern University, Boston, US, 2021

Professional Profile

2021 - now: Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Research Interests Keywords

Photonic manipulation Photothermal conversion Near-field radiative heat transfer Solar steam generation