Wenyue Liang

Post-doctoral fellow

Post-doctoral Fellow


Research Interests

My current research focuses on photodetector and spectroscopy detection technology with their application, and intelligent optimization design of nano optics and optoelectronic devices. My research goals include utilizing machine learning to develop smart on-chip spectrometers and optical sensors with practical applications.

Selected Publications

Ultranarrow-bandwidth planar hot electron photodetector based on coupled dual Tamm plasmons

W. Liang, Z. Xiao, H. Xu, H. Deng, H. Li, W. Chen, Z. Liu, and Y. Long

Optics Express, 28 (21), 31330-31344, (2020)


Improving magnetic dipole emission by coupled silicon nanocuboid dimer

W. Liang, H. Deng, H. Xu, and Y. Long

Optical Materials Express, 9(1), 75-84, (2019)


Broadband Light Harvesting Enhancement of MoS2/Graphene Bilayer Solar Cell via Metal Nanosquare Arrays-Dielectric-Metal Structure

H. Deng, W. Liang, and Y. Long

Plasmonics, 14, 703-709, (2019)


CMOS-Compatible Broad-Band Hot Carrier Photodetection with Cu-Silicon Nanojunctions

Y. Dong, Jiaxiang Li, W. Liang, X. Nan, L. Wen, and Q. Chen

ACS Photonics, 9(11), 3705-3711, (2022)


B.Sc., Applied Physics, Wuyi University, Jiangmen, China, 2011

M.Sc., Mathematics, Wuyi University, Jiangmen, China, 2015

Ph. D., Agricultural Electrification and Automation, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China, 2018

Professional Profile

2021-2023: Postdoctoral fellow, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

Research Interests Keywords

Nano Optics Optoelectronic Device Intelligent Design and Optimization Machine learning