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Superhydrophobic 3D-Assembled Metallic Nanoparticles for Trace Chemical Enrichment in SERS Sensing

In this article, Qiaoqiang Gan and co-workers report a reproducible and sensitive surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) chip that combines three-dimensional-assembled gold nanoparticles on superhydrophobic nanoporous substrates. This chip can simultaneously realize strong localized field and analyte enrichment. It demonstrates good reproducibility for fentanyl and heroin detection, paving the way towards quantitative sensing of abused drugs and other chemicals.





Super-Resolution Displacement Spectroscopic Sensing over a Surface “Rainbow”

Qiaoqiang Gan and colleagues have developed a "rainbow" trapping metasurface for on-chip spectrometers and sensors. They used a low-setting 4× optical microscope system with super-resolution image processing to achieve a biosensing resolution of 1.92 × 109 exosomes per milliliter for A549-derived exosomes. The system can distinguish between patient samples and healthy controls using exosomal epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) expression values, demonstrating a new on-chip sensing system for personalized accurate bio/chemical sensing applications.