Sustainability and Photonics Energy Research Lab

Research Interests


Optical Biosensing

1. Preparation of micro and nanostructures;

2. Construction of devices and optical systems;

3. Characterization of materials/devices (optical, electrical, magnetic);

4. Microfluidic system


Energy & Sustainability

1. Radiative Cooling;

2. Evaporative Cooling;

3. Solar Harvesting;

4. Water Harvesting

Latest News

15 May, 2024

A Preview on Joule: Synergizing radiative cooling and solar power generation

In a recent issue of Cell Reports Physical Science, Zhu and colleagues unveil a system that remarkably achieves simultaneous daytime radiative cooling and photovoltaic (PV) power generation within the same spatial footprint, establishing a new strategy to unlock the full potential of both renewable energy sources.

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10 January, 2024

A green polymer film offers climate-friendly cooling

A superabsorbent film promises ecofriendly cooling solutions against heat stress and global warming.

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29 August, 2023

Sharing best practice for radiative cooling

Cool heads clear a pathway for the development of a sustainable cooling technology.

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20 March, 2023

Highly-Subscribed YouTube Channel Features A Paper By Professor Qiaoqiang Gan's Group

Sabine Hossenfelder report the paper from Prof. Gan's group on her YouTube channel.

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15 February, 2023

Elevated design keeps solar stills salt-free

Salt-rejecting microchannels help make seawater drinkable using the power of the sun.

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15 February, 2023

Simple means to a clear view

The image of an object that is obscured when the light passes through a scattering material can be recovered in real time.

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21 January, 2023

Professor Qiaoqiang Gan elected as SPIE Fellow

SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, recently welcomed 83 Members as new Fellows of the Society. Qiaoqiang Gan, KAUST professor of material science engineering, was among the new inductees elected to the Society’s 2023 Fellows Class. The applied physicist joins a notable group of members who have served the optics and photonics community with distinction.

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08 January, 2023

New Publication: Super-Resolution Displacement Spectroscopic Sensing over a Surface “Rainbow”

Subwavelength manipulation of light waves with high precision can enable new and exciting applications in spectroscopy, sensing, and medical imaging. Here, we report a unique “rainbow” trapping metasurface for on-chip spectrometers and sensors. Combined with super-resolution image processing, the low-setting 4× optical microscope system resolves a displacement of the resonant position within 35 nm on the plasmonic rainbow trapping metasurface with a tiny area as small as 0.002 mm2.

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08 January, 2023

New Publication: Directly and instantly seeing through random diffusers by self-imaging in scattering speckles

Imaging through scattering medium is challenging but important for different applications. Here, we report a new strategy to see through random diffusers directly using self-imaging of speckles.

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15 December, 2022

Reflecting on a shift in "rainbow" sensors

Nanostructured surfaces enable lab-on-a-chip lung cancer diagnosis.

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