We have positions available in post-doctors. The candidate will work as a member of Dr. Qiaoqiang Gan’s group (Sustainability and Photonics Energy Research Lab). Dr. Gan has long been engaged in research and application development in nano-photonics and materials science. In recent years, our group has devoted itself to the development of radiation refrigeration, nano-photonics materials, and biochemical sensing applications, as well as the industrialization of related technologies and intellectual property rights. Recent achievements have been published in journals such as Nature Sustainability, Nature Communications, PNAS, Advanced Materials, Science Advances, Nano Energy, etc.

Our Interests

1. Preparation of micro and nano structures, construction of devices and optical systems, and characterization of materials/devices (optical, electrical, magnetic)

2. Biofluidic sensing, microfluidic channel system, fluidic imaging integration, and deep learning/artificial intelligence system integration were performed

3. Photo-electrothermal catalysis of nanomaterials: CO2 reduction, nitrogen fixation, etc

4. Synthesis and application development of new organic and inorganic composite materials (such as artificial skin and triboelectric materials)

5. Simulation and experiment of new solar and thermal control (radiation, thermoelectricity, solar water evaporation, and condensation, etc.)

6. Quantum sensing, the interaction between light and matter at the quantum scale, including ultra-sensitive sensing, atomic clocks, and other applications



Starts at $50,000 (increases based on research experience), tax-deductible, renewable, with opportunities for permanent positions.

Other Benefits

1. The following costs will be borne by the research group and the University (worth about $20,000) :
    a. Accommodation, water, electricity, network, home maintenance
    b. Family health insurance (including spouse, children)
    c. 21 days of paid vacation
    d. A once-a-year vacation ticket

2. Daycare and education for children; The school also offers job opportunities for spouses, which, if successfully hired, pay well

3. First-class leisure, sports, and entertainment facilities (most free)

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