Yunyun Mu

Post-doctoral fellow

Post-doctoral Fellow

Research Interests

1. FITR sensitivity metasurface devices for biosensing and imaging applications
2. Nanopartiles trap with tips and nano gap
3. Highly sensitive detection of organic pollutants at low concentrations through the development of
plasmonic hollow fibers and EC-SERS sensor devices.

Selected Publications

Silver nanoparticles - laser induced graphene (Ag NPs - LIG) hybrid electrodes for sensitive electrochemical - surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) detection
Yunyun Mu, Jahidul Islam, Richard Murray, Cathal Larrigy, Alida Russo, Xinping Zhang, Aidan J. Quinn, and Daniela Iacopino

Analyst, 148(13): 3087-3096 (2023)

Multifold enhanced Raman detection of organic molecules as environmental water pollutants
Yunyun Mu, Miao Liu, Jiajun Li, and Xinping Zhang.

Biosensors, 13(1): 4, (2022)

Direct laser writing of SERS hollow fibers
Jiajun Li, Yunyun Mu, Miao Liu, Xinping Zhang

Nanomaterials, 12(16): 2843, (2022)

Infrared localized surface plasmon with curved electron trajectory
Miao Liu, Xinping Zhang, Yunyun Mu, Yulan Fu, Jiajun Li, Yue Liu, Jingyun Hu

Advanced Optical Materials, 10(19): 2200647, (2022)

Plasmonic hollow fibers with distributed inner-wall hotspots for direct SERS detection of flowing liquids
Yunyun Mu, Miao Liu, Jiajun Li, Xinping Zhang

Optics Letters, 46(6): 1369-1372, (2021)

A paper-fiber-supported 3D SERS substrate
Yunyun Mu and Xinping Zhang

Plasmonics, 15(3): 889-896, (2020)

Complementary dark and bright plasmonic nanocavities with controllable energy exchange for SERS sensing
Feifei Liu, Xinping Zhang, Yunyun Mu, Jing Lin, Meng Wang, He Ma
Advanced Optical Materials, 8(16): 2000544, (2020)


Ph. D. , Optical Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, China, 2018-2023
Visiting, Nanotechnology, Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, 2021-2023
M.Sc., Optical Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, China, 2015-2018

Professional Profile

Research Associate at KAUST, KSA (March 2024 - Present)


China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship

KAUST Affiliations

Division of Physical Science and Engineering (PSE)

Research Interests Keywords

Nanoparticles trap, FTIR imaging and biosensin, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, EC-SERSsensing, Plasmonic hollow fibers,